Who is this Brad guy?

Hi, thanks for wanting to learn a little bit more about me. I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer whose primary photographic interests include landscapes, wildlife, nature, and aviation photography. Born in New York City (but not a New Yorker); I have lived in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado and now California where I live with my lovely wife, beautiful daughter and my sidekick , a yellow lab named Sonoma.

I am an aviation fanatic and hold a Private Pilot license with an Instrument Rating. I took my first solo flight at the age of 15, prior to being able to drive a car by myself, and have even flown in several aerobatic competitions. I previously owned a Citabria 7ECA which we used to wander the skies above California at 500’. 

I’ve always had passion for the outdoors, photography and adventure. For most of my life I’ve carried point-and-shoot cameras with me wherever I’ve gone. While I managed to get some pretty good shots, it became apparent that my photographic desires were exceeding the capabilities of my equipment. So in 2010, with the encouragement of family and friends, I decided to take my photography to the next level and purchased my first digital SLR camera. Since then I’ve been working hard to perfect my craft. 

My philosophy towards photography is simple; I make images to please myself. If you happen to like them as well; great, that’s an added bonus! If you don’t like them that’s OK too because my mother seems to like every photo I take. 

You may email me by clicking the "contact" link above or you can follow me on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or my Blog .

For those of you that really must know , I am a Canon and Mac guy.